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- it's all about the eyes -

- it's all about the eyes -

Well HELLO there! Taylor here.

Today, our post is all about the eyes. The eyes truly are the windows to the soul, and they are, as the infamous quote says, "the nipples of the face." Eyes show every emotion that we are unable to put into words, and I find them to be the most fascinating and telling trait of each person. 

Eyes have been my longest, most experimental quest when it comes to skincare. Regardless of how long or short I sleep, I have bags under my eyes. It doesn't matter how little sugar or salt I consume, I have bags. It doesn't matter how much water I drink, you would think none. I think a huge reason is hereditary. My dad has very similar problems, and it could be the Greek side of my family. Something about our olive skin causes us to look tired all the time.

I support anyone who decides to turn to cosmetic treatments like fillers, but I personally stay away from them for many reasons. One, I'm in my early twenties and it's not necessary. 

Now, it's not limited to just us olive-skin folk, I have countless friends with the same concerns. Today I want to share with you my most current routine when it comes to my eyes. I don't have time to do ALL of these, but I will share with you everything.

Step 1 - I use The Ordinary's Caffeine Solution 5% + ECGC first, and pat it gently under my eyes up towards my cheekbone with my ring fingers. You are supposed to use this finger when applying anything near the eyes because it has the lightest pressure of all fingers. I let this sink in about 2-3 minutes.

Step 2 - Preparation-H with aloe. You heard that right, prep-h. As in, what's used for hemorrhoids. It has long been known to help get rid of puffiness under the eyes. It helps reduce inflammation everywhere. And I mean EVERYwhere. I let this one sink in as well, as much as I'll let it.

Step 3 - Eye gels! My new and favorite skincare items. I use these everyday at work before my coworkers get a chance to arrive and embarrass me. They are filled with green tea, caffeine, collagen, and other anti-aging products. I have tried higher-brand gels, but these ones take the cake. They help with puffiness, anti-aging, and even dark circles. 

Step 4 - This one is optional. I do this if I have a night at home or before a "big" event. Jade rollers have been used on the skin for centuries, first originating in China in the seventh-century. Our faces and necks contain so many muscles, and they often hold a lot of stress in. These always-chilled rollers are used to help relax our muscles, and you can put them in the fridge beforehand for an even more relaxing experience.

Step 5 - This one is also optional but I found it helps when I can't get the right nutrients. Collagen supplements are a newer trend, but they have amazing results. My skin is plumper and the bags under my eyes have tremendously diminished. 

Step 6 - The next and final step, oil massage. For the past 3 or 4 years, I have been using grapeseed oil as my moisturizer, as well as what I use for facial massages. Facial massaging is used to help promote blood circulation of the skin, and is often done in professional facials. For more information, check out this article. 

We are ALWAYS looking for recommendations from our readers. Let us know what you have tried, liked, and hated.

- taylor's current morning regimen -

- taylor's current morning regimen -

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- masks & treatments -