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- masks & treatments -

Hi everyone!

Today's post is on my favorite treatments that I do at home. About three times a week, I dedicate my nightly skin care routine to extra treatments. Even though my skin tends to weigh on the dry side, it's still imperative to continue with exfoliating. My go-to items are the following:

Manuka Honey: A godsend, I tell you! I recommend this product to ANYONE I come in contact with, regardless of what our conversation is even about. This is a holy grail product helps with everything from acne and scars to pigmentation and wrinkles. This special type of honey comes from New Zealand, and the Bio Active ingredients include anti-inflammatory properties that help with every skin ailment.

Loreal's Exfoliate & Refine Mask: Right now, this is my favorite exfoliating product. Since I have normal-to-dry skin, I stayed away from exfoliating because I thought it would irritate my skin. I still suffered from clogged pores until I rediscovered physical exfoliants, and I use this multiple times a week to keep my skin crystal clear.

Some other's worth mentioning:

Loreal's Detox & Brighten Mask: if you suffer from blackheads or clogged pores, this product does its job by getting rid of these stubborn guys. The main ingredient in charcoal, which is known for its detoxing qualities.

COSRX's Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask sometimes I go overboard on exfoliating, and this product balances out my skin by soothing and moisturizing with honey.

ANDALOU'S Pumpking Honey Glycolic Mask: this product is AMAZING at brightening my skin. It's the perfect chemical exfoliant, so great for those whose skin cannot take physical exfoliating. It's rich in pumpkin, vitamin C, and aloe vera, and all three of these products are my top natural ingredient choices. 

What are your favorite at-home treatments? Do you prefer going to get professional treatments or doing it at home?

- it's all about the eyes -

- it's all about the eyes -