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- holiday gift guide 2018 -

- holiday gift guide 2018 -

Hello to our loyal followers, and Happy Holidays!

Today we’re sharing with you our gift picks for the upcoming 2018 Holiday season! We decided to include items not in the beauty related field, so this can apply to nearly anyone on your list:

  1. MAUDE’s .25mm dermaroller

    The perfect stocking stuffer for the beauty obsessed. This tool uses hundreds of needles to “puncture” micro-injuries in your skin, which in turn tells your skin to produce more collagen. They’re ideal for those who want help with aging, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. Also, we know you’ve been wanting to try it for yourself, so one will tell if you get this for yourself.

  2. ChloeHeartsArt - literally anything

    This girl makes the perfect personalized and pre-made prints. Check her shop out, her prints are so stylish and modern for your sister or best friend. Or again, for yourself.

  3. Charkl Ring Co - Silicone Ring ($20 in any color, now 30% off for a limited time)

    Finding a gift for the men in your life can seem near impossible, especially for those who say they want nothing for Christmas and don’t mean it. Pass. Give me an answer. These Silicone Rings can replace metal rings, or they can be a fun addition. They’re super trendy, and perfect for those in jobs that require physical labor like electricians or construction workers. Also, they’re wonderful for those sporty boys in your life.

  4. BAGGU’s reusable grocery bags - $10

    Because we need to save the Earth. The best way? Bring yo reusable grocery bags to the store! Those plastic ones are doing no one favors, and they’re so not cute with any outfit. They’re great stocking stuffers, or you can even use them as quirky gift wrap that is eco-friendly!

  5. BKR’s water bottles - prices vary

    These are my absolute favorite water bottles. I get compliments on mine whenever I go to Pilates or the mall, which is a lot, by the way. I know you were wondering. These can be gifts for the fitness-obsessed, sports nerd, or person in your life who just obviously needs to drink more water. BONUS: Some of these come with lip balm in the cap. How absolutely convenient.

  6. Virtue Lab’s shampoo/conditioner - prices vary

    One of my all time favorite hair products. Gives you great volume while making your hair sleek and shiny, just like the glaze on all the doughnuts you’re eating this holiday szn.

Grab these for every special person in your life! Maybe that’s your boss, but hopefully not for HR’s-sake.

Photo from chloeheartsart on Etsy.

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