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- acne holy grail tips -

- acne holy grail tips -

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From our young teen years to well into our fifties, nearly everyone will experience acne at some point in their life. For an exact percentage, 95% of people all over the world will suffer from acne. Acne can cause severe mental health issues, including depression and low self-esteem. Acne can be so detrimental to a young person's mental health, it's been shown many teenagers who commit suicide were acne sufferers. Of course, this absolutely is not always the case, but it confirms there is slightly a link between the two.

Read below to hear what our intern Carly has to say about it:

When I was younger, I thought that by the time that I was my age now my skin would be 100% blemish free . . . but guess what? That is NOT a thing. Did you know that there is no such thing as perfect skin? Please don’t beat yourself up if you wake up to a new “friend” in the morning every once in a while (or --almost every single day.) Acne, rosacea, eczema-- it's all NORMAL, no matter the age. What matters is that we learn how to tame the beast and help bring our skin back to balance with its purest self.

To do so, we wanted to share with you some of our ‘Holy Grail’ tips on taking your acne and acne scars head on, in efforts to clear your skin.

Tip 1: Use a gentle cleanser. *key word here is gentle.* I pinky-swear that it makes a world of a difference. You've heard it before, but don't use harsh cleansers. If you're in need of something new, try only rinsing your face in the morning; either with water or micellar water.

Tip 2: Toners are not ALL that bad. I have recently started using a toner (I know...seriously late to the skin party) and it is incredible. Toners help rebalance your skin, whether it is oily or dry, and offer the best line of defense between cleanser and moisturizer. On top of that, they help your skin to absorb serums and moisturizers so the products don't simply lie on top of your skin. Just be weary of alcohol-laden products because they can dry out your skin.

Tip 3:  I will make a comment about water in every article I write until the day I die. Drink, drink, drink it! Though water isn’t this magical liquid that will automatically clear your skin up. if you drink the right amount each day, it can prevent you from digging into unhealthy desserts and snacks that DO make you break out.

Tip 4: Moisturize your skin--and yes, I’m talking to you oily folks as well. Moisturizers help maintain balance in the skin. When skin is too dry or too oily, that's when breakouts begin to appear.

Tip 5: I’m about to sound like a broken record, but eat/drink your greens and vegetables. Foods like spinach, kale, avocados, broccoli, and tomatoes have great vitamins in them that keep both your body and skin in great condition. Nowadays, we have so many options for truly yummy and nutritious food, so dig into juices and green foods!

Tip 6: *brace yourself for this tough one* Do NOT pick at your skin. This self-surgery only leads to more scarring, more dirt, and more bumps on your face. Whether you confide in a trusting friend to hold you accountable, leave a sticky note on your mirror as a reminder, or even throw out your own personal “tools” (tweezers, needles, magnifying mirror), you will slowly start to see a difference on your face from quitting this habit alone.

Tip 7: Don’t be afraid to go to the dermatologist! I once was a pubescent, extremely oily 14 year old freshman who was just entering into the horrors of acne and feeling like a complete loser, and I had no idea what to do. I felt like I was one of the mere mortals who had to go to the dermatologist to get “face fixed”. Oh, young, naive, Carly….if only you could see yourself, 10 years later and see you're STILL going to the dermatologist, but with a happy heart because the doctor just prescribed the perfect cream FOR YOU. Dermatologists can really help you with your specific needs.

Tip 8: Top Products To Use!

  1. Glossier’s Solution: Like we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we love this stuff! The four week skin transformation is incredible. It reduces redness, unclogs pores, and helps your skin look brighter and smoother.

  2. La Roche Posay Effacler Duo: We highly recommend this for those with cystic acne (acne underneath the skin). It is an acne spot treatment that goes deep into your skin, cleaning out all the hidden impurities, all while exfoliating and clearing off dirt and oil.

  3. A mix of Acne Treatment Gel and Differin Gel: The last time I went to the dermatologist, he prescribed me a gel that was about $200 a bottle--even with insurance! When I told him that I couldn’t afford that, he came back with this drugstore solution^^. I just put a dot of each on my hand, mix them together, and then dab on the places that need some extra love. (side note: the benzoyl peroxide can dry you out, especially if your skin isn’t used to it, so make sure to moisturize.)

Acne Scars: If you have acne scars and would like them to fade, we highly recommend our serums! Run, don’t walk.  MAUDE’s Vitamin C Serum is perfect for those with hyperpigmented marks, and our Collagen Firming Serum helps those with deeper marks because it helps rebuild the collagen in your skin.

Dermarolling: Story time--Our CEO, Taylor, suffered from bad skin as a teenager, and with her olive skin, she was destined to have scars. Not only did she have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but she also had indented scars. After several treatments of chemical peels and years of trying to perfect her skincare routine and diet, she found nothing worked. That's when she discovered dermarolling, which is one of the reasons why she started this skincare line! (From the bottom of our hearts, we thank her.)

So what is dermarolling, you ask? Well for starters, KEEP READING, even when you see the word needles. Deep breaths. A dermaroller is a roller that contains hundreds of tiny needles that, when applied with serums^^^, create mico-injuries on the skin that then send collagen and elastin production into full power to heal--creating a tighter and plumper complexion. Not only does it prevent and help current scars, it helps with aging signs and wrinkles as well. It is truly a game changer!

We hope these tips help you on your skincare journey! We get this question more than any other, so we figured it was time to share. If you have any other questions or topics that you would like us discuss, leave a comment below or DM us on instagram!



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