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- morning routines for newbies in self care -

- morning routines for newbies in self care -

Self-Care. It's probably something you've abundantly overheard of, but never known how to do it. And we get it, some of us have babies and some of us have three jobs, but even if it's just for seconds of our day, it's something we should all strive to practice. 

  • Have a skincare routine, but don't let it become something that overwhelms you. I've been drawn so deep into my skincare routine in the past that if I didn't allow each product to absorb for at least 30 seconds, I was obsessed with the idea that my skin would turn bad overnight. That a) has never happened, and b) even if it did, it wouldn't be the end of the world. You are not your skin. As much as I love the popularity skincare is getting these days, there are still cons to this. It might start out as innocently as cutting out certain food groups of your life to achieve Glossier-approved skin, and then you might cut something else out, hoping that will help get rid of your under-eye bags. Soon enough, you could be living off of vegetables and water and guess what! That's not healthy either. I firmly believe that there must be a balance for what we put our energy into. Sometimes, taking things at face-value is more beneficial than spending your life savings on crystals and skin-enhancing collagen drinks all in the name of "self-care."

    tl;dr: wash your face with a gentle cleanser, wear spf, and always use moisturizer.

  • Drink a glass of water. Better: drink a glass of hot water with lemon. Get those toxins out. Jump start your metabolism and awaken your immune system.

  • EAT BREAKFAST. YOU HAVE TIME. Pop in some cinnamon and maple oatmeal in the microwave and you have yourself a healthy breakfast. Claiming you don’t have time is never an excuse to skip breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast satisfies hunger and keeps you from eating three bagels for lunch instead. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with that, but trust me, I’ve been there and it does not provide a happy aftermath.

  • While we’re on it, make yourself a lunch.

  • Try to go as long as possible without looking at your phone in the mornings. This one will be hard since we all have a worry that someone needs us immediately, but how often is that true? In the morning, I check to see if I miss any calls and if I didn’t, I put my phone away for several hours until about lunch time, when I take some time to add items to my never-ending Anthropologie shopping cart.

  • Mediate, or do yoga, or pray. “Do” something that helps you reconnect with yourself. Our days become too long or too busy, and there’s nothing worse than not feeling yourself. This simple 5-minute add on can help you feel more yourself.

  • IF you can, move. Get your heart rate up. There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after a workout, and how wonderful would it be if you could get it done by 7:30am? Then, you’re awake, you’re happy, and your endorphins are kicking it. Wake up that extra 30 minutes early, turn on a YouTube tutorial or join a spin class, and MOVE.

Do you have any advice for newbies regarding self-care, specifically in the morning? If so, do share!

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