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- beauty + lifestyle resolutions 2019 -

- beauty + lifestyle resolutions 2019 -

2019 is going to be a big year. We’re going to ask for that raise, we’re going to branch out of our normal friend group, we’re going to finally take care of our bodies and minds. Here at Maude, we want our followers to make reasonable resolutions, because claiming you’re going to go to the gym 7 days a week when you’ve never been is 1. not doable and 2. not really healthy. Our team has come up with a list of potential goals you can add into your own resolutions.

In no particular order:

  • dry brush - goop Dry Brush - $20.00

    Dry brushing is so perfect for the winter because it really gets your circulation moving. If you have cold hands or feet, dry brushing can help warm those guys right up. It also helps with smoothing your skin and minimizing cellulite. How does one do it? With a handheld brush with soft bristles, stroke the brush towards your heart. It helps get rid of toxins and encourages cell renewal. An article on dry brushing is coming up!

  • use a planner - mochithings Simple Journal Planner - $15.36

    Staying organized is such a positive quality one can have. Plus, you can add this skill to your resume.

  • drink more water - Healthish Water Bottle - $24.00

    We’re highlighting this water bottle because it tells you exactly how much water you should drink by a certain time of the day. No more chugging three bottles at the end of the workday! Now, just take a few drinks each hour to meet your goal.

  • cook more

    Save money, eat better! Nourish your body, skin, and mind from the inside out.

  • don’t “diet”

    Let’s get the idea of “going on a diet” out our minds. We recommend eating whole, plant-based foods to make you feel good about yourself. Diets are so 1999.

  • use less plastic - Baggu Reusable Grocery Bag - $10

    Be kind to the Earth! I carry these reusable grocery bags in my car to remind myself to use less plastic. Let’s say no to one-use plastic.

  • take vitamins - Silver Fern Brand products - $29.99-$49.99

    specifically, take probiotics. Your health starts in your gut. An array of illnesses stem from your gut health: acne, depression, eczema, and so much more. Bonus: you don’t have to refrigerate these bad boys. Silver Fern makes our absolute favorite probiotic, and they have other wonderful products like a Whole Food Multivitamin and Digestive Enzyme as well. Another favorite supplement is Vital Protein’s collagen, which is used to strengthen nails, hair, and bones.

  • be consistent with your skincare routine

    What kind of skincare company would we be if we didn’t include this? Want to know a basic routine? Do the following: double cleanse, use a alcohol-free toner, use a targeted serum for your individual needs, use a moisturizer, use an eye cream (optional), and ALWAYS put on SPF after.

  • reduce stress - Gathre Adult Yoga Mat - $100

    We can’t always control our stress, but we can surely try our hardest too. So many ailments stem from stress, including acne and other skin lesions. Our favorite way? Yoga and bath with Epsom salts.

  • sleep more - Silk Eye Mask - $11.99

    This one goes without saying. I’m sure we could all use a little more sleep. Aim for 8 hours every night, and use these eye masks to block out any distractions. A little tip to fall asleep faster: don’t play on your phone. I put my phone away at 8:00pm on the dot every night and I don’t look at it until I wake up. Even then, I don’t browse social media until a few hours after waking up.

  • drink celery juice!

    Yes! You heard that right, and it’s not just a trend! To read about the many benefits (aka miracles) that celery juice can offer, head over to the Medical Medium’s site to learn more. Don’t forget, you should drink your juice on an empty stomach, and 30 minutes before eating anything.

What are your resolutions? Share with us below!

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