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- How to Reduce Waste in Your Beauty Routine -

- How to Reduce Waste in Your Beauty Routine -

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Written by Editorial Intern Amanda Schroeder.

Reducing Waste in Your Beauty Routine

    Reducing your waste doesn’t mean that you need to lower your standards. Actually, by focusing on your consumption you can begin to curate a collection of products that really work and that you actually use. Reducing your waste is not only good for the planet, but it also helps you save cash, which you can use to invest in better products.

1. Finish what you already have

Do a quick audit of what you already have. How many bottles of lotion do you have? How about foundations? Shampoo bottles? Chances are you have a lot more product already on hand than you might think you do. Make a point of not buying a new product until every other related product you have is completely used up. If you have a product that you really don’t want to bother using up, stop allowing it to take up space and give it to someone who will use it or safely discard the product and recycle the packaging. We get into the habit of hoarding the sorts of products we use every day, which adds clutter to our lives and increases our consumption. Using up everything you already have might at first seem tedious, but finishing things and learning to appreciate what you already have can actually be a gratifying experience. Plus, you can save so much money!

2. Opt for Reusable, Long-Lasting Tools

Think of how much petty trash you create when moving through your daily routine. Cotton pads, q-tips, floss,  loofas...these are all things that end up sitting in a landfill. The good news is that there are so many ways to swap these items with reusable or biodegradable options! Reusable cotton pads for removing makeup or applying toner are becoming easier to find all the time and are easy to make on your own with old cotton fabrics and a simple thread. The cheap loofas you can buy anywhere are made of plastic that will sit in a landfill for decades, but biodegradable sponges work as a great swap and feel much more luxurious. You can also opt for an in-shower body brush, which lasts much longer than their plastic-y cousins. Floss can be replaced with a water pic or a tooth scaler which will both last you for actual years and provide better results than conventional floss.

If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of the matter, consider products such as hankees, Diva Cups, or even investing in a bidet.

3. Look For Brands that are Package Conscious

Numerous brands are moving towards reducing unnecessary waste in their packaging and your options for low waste cosmetics are expanding every day. Brands like RMS, Lush, and Tata Harper have a variety of high-quality products that leave little impact on the environment. You can also find a variety of products by smaller sellers on Etsy or by using google to search for specific products. And remember, even something as small as buying a chapstick in a cardboard tube instead of a plastic one makes a difference!

4. Know what you actually use

Before you purchase a product, ask yourself realistically how often you’ll end up using the product. I usually avoid pallets because they almost always contain colors or shades that I will never personally use. Having a few fun colors for special occasions is fine, but drawers of untouched eyeshadows are a waste of space and money. You might be surprised about what sort of products you find yourself not using. For instance, I stopped buying mascara when I realized I never ended up using it before it expired.

    5. Keep the ingredient list simple

We are constantly surrounded by a plethora of chemicals. This is unavoidable in modern life unless your goals include becoming a paranoid hermit. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to limit the number of chemicals that we put on our bodies! Your skin absorbs more than you might give it credit for, so opting for organic products with simple ingredient lists is a smart choice for reducing the number of chemicals in the world and in your body. Another great benefit of these no-fuss products is that many of them are multi-use, which saves you money and keeps you from accumulating clutter!

Make 2019 about decluttering all the unnecessary items from your life. Your wallet, home, and the earth, will love you.

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