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- Wellness Podcasts -

- Wellness Podcasts -

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Written by Editorial Intern Amanda Schroeder.

Podcasts are perfect for listening to while you perform menial chores like washing dishes, walking, or performing a five-minute body brushing routine. I’m personally a fan of anything that encourages me to feel good, both in my body and my mind, so I listen to a whole lot of podcasts that could be categorized under “wellness.” Here’s a starter list of some of my favorites, including a list of some of my favorite episodes to get you started. 

ATP Project

This podcast really throws information at you and it might take you some time to catch on, but the more you listen the more you understand what is being thrown at you. The podcasts usually consist of some pairing of three men, Matt, Jeff, and Steve, laughing, joking around, and addressing some seriously interesting health concerns through a naturopathic lense. These podcasts usually run a bit longer than your usual talk show related content, but you’ll be surprised how fast you get through them.

Recommended Listening for ATP Project

Melatonin and Screen Time

This one will open your eyes to ways in which the blue light has implications on your health. The central point of this episode is to address the ways in which blue light impacts your ability to sleep, but you may be surprised to learn about all of the things that melatonin influences in your daily life that you hadn’t even considered.

Invisible Illness: Anxiety

We all have anxiety to some extent, and this podcast explains how to potentially treat excessive anxiety without using prescription drugs. They also make a point of explaining why anxiety can be good, which can totally change your outlook on your manageable levels of anxiety. Some of the “hacks” they offer are also totally viable and are previously unheard of by myself personally.

Insulin Life Hacks

I didn’t realize how major insulin was in our overall health until I listen to this podcast. Insulin resistance or imbalance can be the cause of everything from PCOS, increased cortisol levels (aka stress) and inflammatory skin conditions. Balancing your insulin can completely change the way that you feel and look, as well as help prevent a plethora of health problems. Very much worth the listen!


This podcast is hosted by Goop editor Elise Loehnen and covers a variety of topics with episodes pushed out weekly. Goop tends to have to reputation of being for wealthy Californian moms or something to that effect, but the interviews that Loehnen conducts are actually stocked full of information that anyone can use. I highly recommend giving this podcast a chance!

Recommended Listening for Goop

Is intermittent fasting the key to health?

I didn’t exactly get an answer to this question after listening to this podcast, but it addresses some of the common concerns with intermittent fasting as well as goes into a general overview of what your nutrition should be looking like for peak performance.

How to Balance Your Hormones

An absolute must listen. This podcast looks at the ways in which female hormones become imbalanced in the body, the effects that this has on the individual, and the ways in which a treatment can be approached.

Can You Heal Your Mind Through the Body?

Another interesting approach to mental health and learning to heal your depression or anxiety through nourishing the body and learning to deal with symptoms using healthy coping mechanisms. This podcast particularly addresses how profoundly the gut flora affects your mood, which makes it a worth-while listen.

Your Own Magic

Your Own Magic is a podcast for people who love things like yoga, channeling positive vibes, and unlocking your soul, but anyone with a open mind can enjoy this podcast. Raquel Mantra’s positivity is contagious and this podcast always leaves me feeling lighter and more hopeful every time I listen.

Recommended Listening for Your Own Magic

Sahara Rose: Doshas, Dharma, Kriya, Karma + All Things Ayurveda

This podcast is pretty much the total  rundown on Ayurveda in a way that makes sense for the 21st century. Sahara Rose’s passion for achieving health using Ayurvedic principles is contagious and the three Doshas and their flexibility in every person becomes clear when listening to Sahara explain them.

Alex Banyan: Getting Inside the Minds of World Leaders + Being Relentless in the Pursuit of Your Dreams

If you’re like me and you love “brain hacks”, this episode will be right up your alley. Banyan, author of “The Third Door,” looks at what makes successful people special and how you can mimic these traits to achieve your goals. The mixture of Raquel Mantra, a yogi focused on self-love and balance, and Alex Banyan, a high functioning venture capitalist, provides a balanced discussion of achieving goals and reaching success.

Jade Alectra: Modern Yoga Healer on Breaking the Mode of Traditional Yoga, Unaplogetically Walking Your Truth, + Magnetizing the Love that You Deserve

Jade Alectra is an absolutely life changing teacher. This podcast actually made me cry multiple times. Jade is a magic speaker and her passion is awe inspiring. Whether you care for yoga or not, Jade will change the way you see challenges in your life and leave you feeling totally renewed and able to take on any challenges and destroy the things that are standing in your way.

That covers the wellness podcasts we think are worth your while! Tell us in the comments what you think about them, or share your favorite beauty/wellness-related podcasts with us below!

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