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- The Rundown on Face Massage -

- The Rundown on Face Massage -

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-Article By Editorial Intern Amanda Schroeder

Facial massages are essential to any holistic skincare regimen. Regular facial massage promotes blood flow to the skin which then improves appearance both immediately and overtime by promoting the production of collagen in your skin. This increase in blood flow to the skin can also help ameliorate conditions such as rosacea and acne by increasing your skin’s ability to heal itself, as well as increase the absorption of the products you put on your skin. It has the power to reduce congestion and headaches by stimulating the lymphatic system and draining tension causing fluids. Many people also notice a natural “face lift” effect as facial massaging decreases puffing and can increase facial tone over time. A pretty impressive resume!

Low-Tech Options

Facial massages can be as low-tech as you need them to be. If you’re looking for a truly tech-free option, using just your hands is perfectly fine for a basic, no-fuss facial massage. Start by cleaning your hands thoroughly then put a bit more oil or cream than you might usually in order to make your skin slick and easy to glide over. You never want to pull at your skin! Use the map below as a guide to massaging your face.

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Facial Rollers

Jade rollers have been photographed on everyone’s bathroom shelves recently! Jade rollers are probably the most regularly seen, but these rollers come in a variety of materials, usually in the crystal variety. Jade rollers are a great gateway product into the world of skin massage, as they are inexpensive, accessible, and provide noticeable results. They also provide a cooling effect that helps with any inflammation of the skin.

Gua Sha

My personal favorite! Gua sha is a form of massage that uses sharp edges to “scrape” the skin in order to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage. The technique is applied much more lightly to the face than the body, but the results are instantly noticeable. I personally use the gua sha method every morning and notice an instant decrease in under eye bags as well as increased vibrancy to the skin. The gua sha method requires a specific tool, and you will want to be sure that you buy one for the face, as ones for the body are much too forceful for delicate facial skin.

Face Cupping

The prominent difference between gua sha massage and face cupping is that face cupping pulls blood to the surface by “sucking” the skin up and pulling it outwards as opposed to the "scrapping" method attributed to gua sha. Facial cupping is not quite as relaxing as gua sha but face cupping does work to bring an instant rosy glow to your cheeks. I personally use both gua sha and face cupping interchangeably, but nevertheless gravitate towards gua sha more.

High-Tech Options

If you’re totally sold on facial massage and ready to drop some cash, here are some popular products that use facial massaging techniques to get you the results you want:


NuFace is an awesome product for anyone who wants to speed up their facial toning results. They have a variety of tools for both the face and the body that essentially sculpt your face by giving your muscles a bit of a workout. This has the ability to give you both an instant facelift and improve your skin's resiliency to wrinkles over time.


Ziip is a touch different from a classic face massage tool. The device pulses nano currents into your skin, which encourage the production of ATP within your cells. Some of the results are similar, such as the increased blood flow to the surface of the skin and the face lifting effect, but the product will not aide in lymph node drainage, therefore, it would not hurt to supplement the product with another form of facial massage. That being said, the nano currents that are given off by the ZIIP device have an anti-bacterial effect and can aid in healing and preventing bacteria related breakouts.

Nurse Jamie

Facialist nurse Jamie, a Hollywood favorite, has her own eponymous line that features a variety of facial massaging tools. She even stocks a vibrating gua sha style device she calls a “triangle facial beauty tool” which you can take as you will, as well as a designated under eye massage tool. Her products are a bit more mid-price range compared to the NuFACE and Ziip devices, and their designs closely resemble some of the classic low-tech options listed above.

Have you stepped into the realm of facial massages? If you haven’t yet, now is your time! Whether you choose to use your hands or splurge for one of the high-tech tools, you’re bound to see results.

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