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- Creating an Effective  and Sustainable Wardrobe -

- Creating an Effective and Sustainable Wardrobe -

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Written by Editorial Intern Amanda Schroeder.

There’s no better feeling then going to your closet and seeing a collection of beautiful, well curated pieces that are easy to pair together. Not only does this save you time and stress while keeping you looking your sharpest, but having exactly what you need and nothing else is also good on your wallet and the environment. The struggle towards a well curated, Marie Kondo perfect wardrobe may be a never ending pursuit, but below are some tips that may make this process a bit easier.


Take Inventory of What You Already Have

Sort through what you already own! Try it on, decide if you still want it, and if not, let it go. You can sell what you already have online or at local consignment shops and donate what can’t be sold to a thrift store. Many thrift stores actually end up tossing a lot of the clothing that does not sell, so it’s best to try and consign it first to make sure that someone will actually make an effort in selling your items. Usually a good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in the last nine months to a year, you probably aren't going to start now.  There’s always the chance, though that you might find pieces that you forgot about that you really love.


Think Through Purchases and Buy Slowly

Essentially, think before you by. Make sure that what you’re buying will be something you will actually wear. If it doesn’t make you feel great or doesn’t fit how you want it, don’t bother with it. Even if it’s cheap. I don’t like the term investment piece personally because I feel as though is evokes a feeling that the item needs to be expensive. If you find a shirt for $20 but you know you’re going to wear it again and again, its a great investment piece. But try your best to avoid impulse purchases and focus on the quality of the fabric to be sure that the piece will last for a long time. Just because it is cheap doesn’t mean it won’t last and the opposite is true for high price items. Having an idea of the kind of product you looking for before you start shopping is important as it helps you not get distracted by other items. I personally prefer to shop online because it makes it so easy to sort through only what you need and allows you to find more unique pieces.


Shop From Sustainable Brands and Consignment

A lot of people are a bit phobic of consigned clothing. I think that this is a shame! There are very few fabrics on consignment that are so soiled that they truly can’t be salvaged by a run through the washer and dryer. Also, buying pieces consigned allows you to have something different that no one else will have. There are also plenty of brands that are doing great things for the environment. I’m sure you may have heard of the more popular ones, such as the Reformation or Allbirds, but more eco-conscious and ethical brands are popping up every day!


Opt for Classics then Go From There

Think well fitting trousers, simple knits, and functional accessories. I love a fun pair of pants, but a classic, well made pair of black trousers will get you through it all. I like to try and imagine whether or not anyone would notice if I wore the same piece two days in a row and if not it's the perfect piece for me. That being said, there is nothing wrong with a few statement pieces here and there. But having those essential pieces really do make your life that much easier. The number of wardrobe essentials lists you can find on the internet are daunting and often not really that helpful. Think about what you need for your life and go from there! The most through wardrobe essentials list is the one made by you, for you.

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