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- Tips for Better Posture -

- Tips for Better Posture -

Written by Editorial Intern Amanda Schroeder.

At risk of sounding like a cricket old elementary school teacher yelling at 9 year olds, posture matters! Sit up straight! Not only does improving your posture make you look more confident and put together, but research has shown it can actually change the structure of your face and body all together. Good posture also helps with digestion, helps your boost your confidence, and prevents serious issues and chronic back pain as you get older. We all know we need to work on our posture. Here are some tips for how to start.


Try Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are both focused on strengthening and lengthening your muscles without putting pressure on your bones or joints. These styles of exercise encourage better posture as well as an increased focus on how your body feels and how it is aligned. And they can be more accessible than you think! There’s nothing wrong with pulling up a YouTube Pilates tutorial to do in the comfort of your own home!


Braces and Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are usually conflated with images of women squeezing their internal organs together in hopes of achieving an unhealthy standard of beauty, but plenty of women actually use waist trainers to help with their posture. If you find yourself spending hours on end slumped in front of your laptop, you may find it beneficial to use a waist trainer or a brace specified to fix posture in order to mollify the situation and take the pressure off your back. Most waist trainers can be worn for about two hours at a time and braces for even longer.


Open Up your Lower Back and Hamstrings

Opening up (aka stretching) your lower back and hamstrings is probably the best way to decrease pain overtime and obtain healthier posture. Being able to do the splits actually takes much more lower back flexibility than you may imagine. Just doing some exercises daily that stretch out your lower back and hamstrings can greatly aide in better posture.


Try Orthopedic Shoes

This is next on my to-do list. Orthopedic insoles require a specialist to have a look at your feet and see how you stand. They find the flaws in your posture and give you the tools to fix them. If you dump all your weight in one foot or maybe walk with your heels instead of your toes, orthopedic shoes may be able to help you fix the problem and provide quick comfort to any pressing issues.


Bonus - Do You Know Where Your Tongue Is?

Tongue posture also matters! And has a profound impact on the way our faces our shaped. When resting, your tongue should be completely at the roof of your mouth. When you swallow, your tongue should also come to the roof of your mouth in order to aid in swallowing and prevent choking. There are actually tutorials on YouTube of how to hold your mouth properly and even whole communities dedicated to changing the face shape by changing tongue posture. Good tongue posture helps prevent hanging jowls and brings out your jawline. Lots of people on the internet seem to think this is a miracle cure for a stronger jawline, though I would take many of these claims with a pinch of salt.

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