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- Our Editorial Intern Amanda Shares Her Routine -

- Our Editorial Intern Amanda Shares Her Routine -

Written by Editorial Intern Amanda Schroeder.

          Hello! My name is Amanda and I’ve been writing for Maude for a few weeks now and thought I should introduce myself. I go to the University of Utah, but that’s about two and a half months away from ending! My plans after graduation involve aimless wandering in pursuit of artistic expression that pays the bills, house plant husbandry, and refining my skincare routine. Find me on LinkedIn to stay updated! Here’s a peek into my personal routine...


            I have been doing crazy things with my skin for a long time now. I grew up with a lot of skin issues that left me feeling really insecure, so I’ve always been pretty high strung when it comes to skincare. There was a point in elementary school where I would use an electric toothbrush over all of my flaws for five minutes at a time and ended up with bruise-like rashes ALL over my face. I’m a lot more chill than that now obviously, but just for some context.

            I definitely heap on the products at night then let my skin take a breather in the morning. I start my mornings off with a quick wash of Boscia’s Makeup Breakup cleansing oil then apply a layer of Maude’s eye serum. I love the eye serum because its not heavy like a lot of other products which actually helps my face not puff up. Then I apply a liberal coat of Skin Drink from Lush occasionally mixed with some of the The Face drops from Luxe Tan. I don’t apply sunscreen and yes, I know, I am crazy. I just want to feel the sun rays on my skin and maybe get a little tan. I know.  Editor’s note: we don’t condone this! Still trying to convince her to at least wear makeup with SPF.

            At night the real ritual begins. I start with double cleansing, again with the Boscia Makeup Breakup cleanser. Then I go in with a toner that also exfoliates, which right now is the Pixi Glow Tonic. I give my skin a minute to absorb, then I apply a layer of retinol. I’m using Differin gel right now but I’m trying to slink my way into a prescription. Next is Maude’s eye serum again, followed with Maude’s collagen firming serum. I sometimes switch this one out for Maude’s vitamin c serum and dermaroll it in. I do that maybe once a week or whenever I’m feeling kinda spotty. Your flaws just flake off! I end my ritual with another heaping dose of Skin Drink by Lush. And a little bit of a lash serum on my brows and lashes, but I haven’t found the one for me yet and Latisse is like $3 per day or something heinous like that.



            I sort of hate makeup, I think because I haven't figured out how to use it. I like it to look pretty invisible, so I keep a pretty simple routine. I start off with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Corrector in the peach tone for under my eyes and follow with maybe half a pump of Fenty foundation which I use in a darker tone than my actual skin tone to bronze up my face. I have always had an issue with tinted moisturizers because I’ve always been like “just use less foundation!” Then I do the lightest contour in the world with Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Palette just using the lightest color. I follow with a bit of an Elf highlighter I found at TJ Maxx on the tops of my cheeks. I recently started filling in my brows, just the ends, but honestly I just use an angled brush made for gel liner and some matte brown shadow, nothing special. I also have up-ed my eye game since I recently cut off all my hair in an attempt to manifest Jean Seberg vibes. I used to just tightline with some brown liner then run a pink-ish mauve-ish color under my eyes to brighten them, which I still do. Now, however, I also add a light brown to my crease and a light coat of mascara in order to defend my femininity in the wake of short hair. I’m usually a bit too lazy to do anything with my lips, honestly, so this is where I usually stop.




            Like I said, I recently cut off all my hair, so I don’t have a lot to say about hair at this point. I kind of just wash it whenever I want, using Lush’s purple shampoo from my bleach blonde days. Sometimes I moisturize using Lush’s R&B cream which I couldn’t recommend more. In the morning, I basically have to get it completely wet using a spray bottle and force it down into something reasonable. I got this Gentlemen's Tonic Matte Paste that I use to glue down the really unkempt parts, but really that’s about it. Any tips for growing out a pixie cut?


I love fragrance and I love feeling buttery soft. Nothing feels better than when people brush your skin say, “Wow! You’re really soft!” I shower at night, another new development in my life, and use Lush’s Karma soap on a biodegradable sponge. I follow either with Lush’s Scrubee in the shower or hop out, apply a heap of almond oil, and body brush for a full five minutes. I try to even out these days, but one of these is obviously easier than the other and ends up being my go to (it’s the bee). In the morning, I use Lush’s Karma Kream sometimes mixed with Tan Luxe’s The Body drops. Then for fragrance I use a little bit of Karma solid perfume then a few precious spritzes of Diptyque’s Figuir, which is actually my dream scent but is also very pricey indeed.

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