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- Summer Ready Skin -

- Summer Ready Skin -

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Written by Editorial Intern Amanda Schroeder.

Summer Ready Skin

For the past four or five months my skin has been pretty much constantly cloaked in long pants and thick sweaters. If I had it my way, this would be my constant state, but, alas, summer comes and with it my ability to withstand the heat falters and my legs must show themselves to the world. In order to get summer ready skin, I have concocted the following routine to leave me exfoliated, moisturized, and tastefully DHA-ed.


I’m going to get serious about body brushing this summer. My new regiment is to lather myself in almond oil, set a timer for five minutes, and go ham brushing away my dead skin with my standard long handled body brush I got from Whole Foods. Five minutes sounds like a lot, I know. To help pass the time I like to put on a podcast or some music and the process begins to become therapeutic. I’ll also often multitask by oil pulling as I go through my body brushing routine. Once the timer goes off, I’m ready to hop in the shower.


I use Lush soap, always. Right now my favorite scent is Karma, but I’m always switching it up. Their soaps are hydrating and low on chemicals, which keeps my skin feeling soft even without moisturizing. I use a biodegradable sponge that I found at Whole Foods to lather the soap. Then I’ll shave, using whatever men’s pack of razors was cheapest on my last Target run. Eventually I’ll opt for laser hair removal, but I have not yet reached this milestone in my primping career as of yet. At this point in the process, I’m exfoliated, soft, and smelling great.


This is where I’m going to get serious (no, five minutes of brushing myself like a horse was not enough). After drying my skin, I take my Lush body lotion on a tanning mitt and add a few drops of Tan Luxe’s The Body in light/medium. This is maybe the only product for the body that has ever made me think, Wow this is really worth $50! I love getting compliments on my tan just to tell people it’s fake because they can never believe it! You do need to be careful applying this product, as mistakes can and do happen, but usually with a little bit of care the product applies evenly and beautifully.

Once I am covered in a thin, evenly applied coat of sweet smelling lotion, I put on some deodorant and perfume and voila! I am ready to slip into some shorts and leave the house.

Bonus: Hands and Feet

I’m mid-year resolving to take better care of my hands and feet. I’m a climber, so usually my hands are calloused and my nails are short and haphazardly cut. This isn’t going to change any time soon, but I recently bought one of those nail buffers that have four sides for buffing and shining. I’m resolving to give my hands and feet a little bit of TLC at least once a week with this baby. Nail polish is pretty much out of the question as it tends to not hold up after one climbing day, but this little nail buffer lets me keep my nails looking shiny and healthy without any polish.

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