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- How to Find Quality Vintage and Consignment Clothing -

- How to Find Quality Vintage and Consignment Clothing -

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Written by Editorial Intern Amanda Schroeder.

How to Find Quality Vintage and Consignment Clothing

            Vintage shopping is a rewarding experience. There’s nothing quite like finding a unique piece that you know no one else will have for a crazy good price. And the low-impact that vintage clothing has on the environment makes the choice of used-clothing simple. It’s easy to become overwhelmed walking into consignment or vintage shops, but below are some tips that can help you make the process a bit easier.

Pick a Good Day to Go

Honestly? Sometimes you just have to wait for the mood to strike to go digging through racks and bins at a consignment shop. Whenever I try to force myself to go consignment shopping, I leave disappointed because I just didn’t feel in the mood to really look for something cool. Consignment shopping can take a long time too, so make sure you have enough time in your day to really take a look around. I find that bringing friends makes the experience more fun and lets you get more pair of eyes on the racks.

Look for Fabrics

There’s going to be a lot of clothing on any given rack. I usually start by looking for fabrics that look interesting or high quality. It’s also a good idea to look at the state of fabric before deciding to buy anything. Weird stains, pilling, and discoloration are going to be close to impossible to fix, so it’s worth opting for pieces that are still in good condition.

Look at Curated Collections

We live in a time where vintage curation is actually a full-blown career. More curated consignment shops are popping up all the time. These stores usually have some sort of theme, be it a certain decade or a type of style. They also vary wildly in prices, some stores charging top dollar for high end brands while others resell Forever 21 sweaters for discount prices.

Learn How to Mend or Upcycle

Learning some basic mending or upcycling techniques can really expand your options for vintage and consigned clothing. If something has a too long hem or a missing button, knowing how to repair these things can be the difference between letting the piece go or making it your own. I recommend THIS book for some basic techniques!

Check Online

Online consignment is really taking over. Apps like Poshmark and Depop enable people from all over to resell their clothing they don’t wear anymore. My favorite site is The RealReal which offers verified designer consignment at a fair price. My favorite way to use their site is to favorite the items I like and come back later when they go on sale to buy them. You risk other people buying them for full price using this method, but it ensures you the best deal!

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