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- How Taylor's Skincare Routine has Changed with Pregnancy -

- How Taylor's Skincare Routine has Changed with Pregnancy -

My skin a few months back. Obviously not very happy!

My skin a few months back. Obviously not very happy!

Hi Maude followers! Taylor here.

Today I’m talking about how my skincare has changed with pregnancy! For those who have been following us for the last year, you’ll know that I have been dealing with hormone imbalance and severe adult acne (see first picture). For the longest time, I was quite afraid of getting pregnant because I was afraid it would make my skin worse, which of course I didn’t think could happen. A few weeks into March, my skin started miraculously healing, and little did I know, I was pregnant! I realized that pregnancy must have balanced out my hormones, giving me clear skin once again.

Thankfully, pregnancy has brought back my old skin! It truly has felt like a miracle at times. This is a time in your life where you want to feel beautiful, and finally, I do! However, because I didn’t know I was pregnant for so long (almost 8 weeks!), I continued using products with ingredients that are simply not studied during pregnancy, so as soon as I found out, I swapped out some products.

I had been working on my scarring with chemical peels and professional microneedling, but as both of those are deemed unsafe as well during pregnancy, I needed to find a more natural approach to healing. For me, this wasn’t hard to find. It was one of the reasons I create Maude, as I’ve mentioned before. I had a little bit of scarring (mostly hyperpigmentation that I can thank my Greek genes for) a few years back, and I didn’t have the means to spend thousands of dollars on treatments. I did research for several months and found that microneedling was just about the best option for scar treatment. Those treatments alone are several hundred dollars, and that’s how I found the dermaroller. Years later, we found the dermastamp ($25), which is the dermaroller 2.0. It’s safer and much more effective because the needles are entering at an even 90 degree angle, rather than an uneven one from the roller. It is the ONLY way I recommend at-home microneedling, if you can’t get the professional treatments. Lately, I’ve been dermastamping to my heart’s desire (that is, 2-3x a week), and my scars have DRASTICALLY improved. I no longer have uneven textured skin, and my hyperpigmentation is decreasing every week.

My skin has come a long way since then, and it shows!

My skin has come a long way since then, and it shows!

The key for skincare and pregnancy: the more natural, the better.

When it comes to serums for everyday use and for treatment with dermastamping, I use Maude’s Vitamin C serum ($22) because it’s both hydrating and brightening. I have found many Vitamin C serums are either too emollient for my skin or they are incredibly drying. Because Maude’s Vitamin C serum is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, I don’t have to worry about it breaking me out or dehydrating my skin. On the days that I do have breakouts (thanks to my cravings of cheese and cheese only), I use our Niacinamide serum ($20), which actually can be used for anti-aging and for brightening dark spots as well.

Besides dermastamping, my other favorite treatment is a Manuka honey mask, which we have written about before. It’s another one of those products that I have been using for MANY years. I have found all-natural products typically don’t work for my skin because they don’t have any active ingredients in them. However, as natural as Manuka honey is, it has amazing anti-bacterial and natural bleaching properties, and it’s entirely pregnancy-safe! You can use it as a cleanser after you take your makeup off, a mask, or a spot treatment. It’s definitely messy, as a word of precaution.

During pregnancy, you are more prone to melasma, which is darkening of the skin due to the sun and hormones. Your best bet at avoiding this? Wear broad-spectrum SPF every single day, and avoid going out in the sun. Go get yourself a spray tan! You will age so gracefully by avoiding those harmful UV rays. My favorite is either SkinMedica’s Total Defense + Repair SPF 50 ($68) or EltaMD’s UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46 ($35).

If you’re pregnant or wanting to become pregnant, you should avoid the following ingredients (and of course, ALWAYS talk to your OBGYN/physicians before using any of them):

  • Retinoids

    • This is one ingredient you should 100% avoid. There are studies that prove there is a direct link between retinoids/retinol and birth defects.

  • Hydroquinoine

    • a large percentage of this ingredient is absorbed into the body. While there are no direct studies that it causes fetal damage, it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Salicylic Acid

    • Many estheticians have different opinions on this. It technically is low-risk for baby, but your OB will very likely discourage you from using it.

  • Benzoyl Peroxide

    • Again, there aren’t too many studies with this ingredient, so it’s best you avoid using it, but you can talk to your OBGYN about it.

The great thing about Maude’s serums is that they are all pregnancy safe!

Don’t forget to add a belly oil to prevent stretch marks! My favorite? Hatch’s Belly Oil ($58). Even if you get them, do not worry about them. Think about how amazing it is that your body carried a life for 9 months.

I definitely have worries in the future that my hormones will go back to the way they were before, but for now, I’m doing the best for me and my baby boy. Because I am NOT a fan of makeup at all, my goal is to not have to wear makeup during labor. I know I don’t HAVE to, but I know there will be pictures and I don’t want to worry about what I look like that day!

In short, I am unbelievably grateful to be pregnant, and I have found how incredibly important it is to watch what we’re putting into our bodies during this time.

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