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- Tips We Wish We Could Tell Our Younger Selves -

- Tips We Wish We Could Tell Our Younger Selves -

We all have advice we wish we could go back and tell our younger selves, especially when it comes to the beauty arena. “Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows, don’t use sharpie in-lieu of eyeliner, and don’t cut your own bangs with craft scissors.” Unfortunately, we all have to go through these. Mine included putting egg whites in my hair when I was twelve to make it curly. In reality, it wasn’t curly, but CRUNCHY. And it smelled. so. bad. I’ve also always dealt with hyperpigmentation thanks to my Greek heritage, and I used to dip a q-tip in lemon and use them on my dark spots until my skin started flaking. Oh, and the wonderful baking powder-turned-teeth-whitener. Goodbye enamel!

Whether you rocked Gwen Stefani-esque non-existent eyebrows, wore body glitter everyday, or had an emo phase, we all wish we could tell our 14-year-old selves to take better care of yourself. With the booming rise of the internet, young teenagers are learning about wellness from an EARLY age. Wellness has been around forever, but it’s become something of a trend these days. If anyone knows anything about trends, it’s those 14-year-old girls. They’re learning that sunscreen everyday is incredibly important, and laying out in the sun (OR in tanning beds) won’t do any good in the end. Many of them have multiple-step skincare routines and post pictures on Instagram of their acai bowls. That kind of mindset was unfortunately not around when I was their age.

We’ve compiled a list of advice we could tell our younger selves about beauty:

  • Don’t exfoliate everyday!

    • Yikes, I used to exfoliate with coconut oil mixed with coffee grounds everyday after ballet. For about 3 minutes straight. It definitely did more harm than good, and don’t even talk about how harsh the coffee grounds were. Now, stick to chemical exfoliation with products that include ingredients like lactic acid and glycolic acid.

  • NEVER EVER EVER use a tanning bed.

    • No matter how “easily” you tan, you are still at-risk of cancer. Tanning beds also emit UVA rays, which is the type of ray that causes skin cancer. Both UVA and UVB can cause skin cancer, as any exposure to sun can. UVA rays also increase the chances of premature aging. There are no benefits to tanning beds when there are such things as spray tans. And no, no longer are the days where you will appear orange.

  • Do not ONLY use face wipes as a face cleanser!

    • Double-cleansing is the best way to cleanse for a REASON. If you have to, you can use a face wipe, but make sure to cleanse properly afterward. If you can, choose micellar water over a face wipe. If you’re prone to acne, blackheads, or oily skin, try this medical-grade cleanser.

  • Leave the kitchen ingredients in the kitchen.

    • Say no to lemon juice on the skin. Or apple cider vinegar. Or egg whites. Or yogurt.


    • Could not emphasize this more. It will literally protect you from CANCER. Here are two of our favorites. Here and Here.

  • Lay off the foundation. Or at least make sure it matches your skin tone.

    • Don’t just match your neck - match your decolletage!

  • Regardless of what you look like - put on your bikini and enjoy your body.

    • We’re all going to look back and think we were so silly for covering up our bodies.


    • If you had oily skin, you likely stayed away from moisture. Guess what? Even those with the oiliest skin type need moisture! In the least bit, use a lightweight gel moisturizer!

  • Using an unsterilized needle to get rid of a breakout.

    • Nothing more to say on this other than NO.

  • Layoff the over-waxing and plucking.

    • A LOT of us are guilty of this one. 1990-2009 was rough on teenagers. Bush brows are in, so embrace your natural Brooke Shields (if that’s your thing)!

Share with us some of your past beauty blunders!

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