hello, welcome to maude.


Hi there! My name is Taylor Moulton, and I am the founder of MAUDE Beauty & Lifestyle. My history with skincare is a LONG one. We're going on 11 years now. I've been on a years-long journey to find what's right for my skin, mind, and body. And guess what? They all intertwine with each other, so three birds one stone! I have spent a ridiculous amount of time studying the skin, trying products, and figuring out what the world needs when it comes to skincare. The result? Exactly what I mentioned before, taking care of everything; skin, mind, and body. If you are not feeding your body well and treating it with kindness, that will show on your skin, even if you use the most impeccable skincare products in the world. I like to think of skincare like the "diet" rule (although I detest the word diet), 80% of your skin is what you but into your body, how you feed it, and 20% is the products you layer on everyday.

My affinity for skincare is rooted far down from my skin growing up as a teenager. Part of my skin troubles were from my age and hormones, part because my diet was beyond atrocious, part was because I didn't know which products to use, and part was simply because of my genes. You may not be able to entirely change your genetics, but you can certainly help them.


My love of skincare soon transformed into wellness and overall health, as well as taking care of my mental health because that's something I've struggled with since I was a young teenager. I love to incorporate supplements, vitamins, meditation, and super foods into my everyday routine, and it's just the simple things that show self-care. Here at MAUDE, we want to show you that combining skincare with the practice of self-care, you can truly achieve the skin of your dreams. Just remember, it takes work and patience!